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Compact, automated water vapour sensing system operating in different places in Gandhinagar.

The system is built around a 1392 nm tunable laser diode that is controlled by custom electronics to control the laser temperature and current. The system uses a 1f wavelength modulation spectroscopy (1f WMS) technique developed in our lab. A Python code acquires data from a PicoScope and uses this algorithm to estimate the mole fraction and pressure of water vapour. The processing time is about 6 s, making it well-suited for near-real-time applications.

Ambient CO2 measurement in Mt Abu

Ambient CO2 measurement in Motera

Detection of CO2 in a chemical reaction

FBG-based glove to monitor finger flexure

The DRDO Dare to Dream awards ceremony

Chandan's FBG-based microphone

The singing wine glass

Fiber Bragg grating-based microphone

Detecting growth of bacteria using laser spectroscopy

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