Current PhD students

Payel Ghosh, 


University of Calcutta

Shruti De, 


University of Calcutta

Rituparna Jana, 


University of Calcutta

Rajat Basak 
Jadavpur University

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Development of nano-bio-sensing platforms using novel plasmonic structures

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Photoacoustic spectroscopy for microbiological growth studies


to be defined


Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Dr Ramya S, Industrial applications of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy and photoacoustic absorption spectroscopy, currently Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Raipur

PhD students

  1. Dr Chandan Kumar Jha, PhD thesis - "A fiber Bragg grating sensor-based glove to accurately measure finger flexure"

  2. Dr Zarin A SPhD thesis - "Non-invasive detection of microbial growth using tunable diode laser spectroscopy and its application to assess bacterial traits", graduated in Oct 2020

  3. Dr Anirban Roy, PhD thesis - "Field deployable tunable diode laser spectroscopy systems for greenhouse gas and air pollutant monitoring", graduated in June 2020

  4. Dr Abhishek Upadhyay, PhD thesis - "Calibration-free 1f and 2f wavelength modulation spectroscopy with in situ measurement of laser parameters", graduated in Feb 2017

MTech students

  1. Kuldeep Jajoria, MTech 2021, "A Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Optical Probe to Detect MHz-Frequency Ultrasound"

  2. Rohan Chawhan, MTech 2018, "Development of a DSP-based portable tunable diode laser spectroscopy system for real-time gas sensing applications", Senior Systems Engineer, EdgeVerve, Bangalore.

  3. Neetesh Kumar Sharma, MTech 2017, "A real-time portable tunable diode laser spectroscopy system using the TMS320F28377D digital signal processor for gas sensing applications". Currently System Engineer (3G/4G wireless communication) in Intel.

  4. Priti Chakraborty, MTech 2016, "Design of an embedded system for a field-deployable tunable diode laser spectroscopy system', Research Assistant, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Research staff

  1. Piue Ghosh, July 2015 - July 2020: Plasmonic nano-biosensing 

  2. Rutu Patel, Aug 2017-Mar 2018: Mid-IR quantum cascade laser-based high resolution spectroscopy 

BTech students

  1. Prankush Agarwal, IITGN - Fiber Bragg grating-based microphone

  2. Kshitij Gajapure, IITGN - Virtual reality-based fiber Bragg grating glove, 

  3. Kratika Bhagtani, IITGN - Development of a light sheet microscopy system

  4. Shivang Agarwal, IITGN - Fiber Bragg grating-based glove for hand flexure measurements, now pursuing an MS at UCLA

  5. Ayushman Tripathi, IITGN - TDLS-based ambient CO2 monitoring in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, now a scientist in the Space Applications Centre (SAC), ISRO, Ahmedabad

  6. Chinmay Shirpurkar, IITGN - Study of high-temperature catalysis of carbon monoxide using TDLS, now pursuing a PhD at the CREOL.

  7. Rishab Anand, IITGN - Raspberry Pi-based field-deployable wavelength modulation spectroscopy system using a VCSEL

  8. Darshil Doshi, IITGN - Simulation of spectral absorption lines and wavelength modulation spectroscopy signals, now pursuing a PhD from Brown University

  9. Durvesh Shinde, IITGN, BTech, Application of tunable lasers in food quality monitoring and agriculture, now pursuing an MSc in Photonics, University of Jena

  10. Shashank Heda and Vaibhav Gandhi, IITGN, A Raspberry Pi-based TDLS system for real-time gas monitoring using a 2000 nm VCSEL; now at Texas Instruments, Bangalore and IdeaForge, Pune respectively

  11. Rahul MallikJadavpur University, Tunable laser-based FBG system for temperature monitoring, now at the University of Washington, Seattle

  12. Soumyajit Sen, Jadavpur University, Algorithms for rapid simulation of 2f wavelength modulation spectroscopy signals from absorption line shapes at varying pressures, now at IIT Kharagpur for an MTech

  13. K Pradeep, CUSAT, Cochin - TDLS of methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide, now at CGCRI Kolkata

  14. Saptak Banerjee, IET, Indore, Wireless sensor networks for distributed gas sensing applications

  15. Aditi Dighe, IITGN EE 2009, Accurate simulation of infrared absorption lines of gases, now at Duke University for a PhD

  16. Ankita Gupta, IITGN EE 2009, FBG interrogation using a tunable diode laser and a ring resonator, now at IIM Calcutta

  17. Vibhav Vikas Katre, IITGN EE 2010, Electronic automatic RAM nulling, now with National Instruments

  18. Ameya Joshi, TDLS for beverage inspection and classification, BTech EE 2010, "Classification of soft-drinks based on the concentration and pressure of carbon dioxide in the bottle head space", BTech project, Dec 2013 - May 2014, now at Apple