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Payel Ghosh

B.Sc Physics, M.Sc Electronic Science ,M.Tech Optics and Optoelectronics (University of Calcutta)

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Development of nano-bio-sening platforms using novel plasmonic structures

Journal papers

Conference papers

  1. P Ghosh, R Panigrahi, S Khatua and A L Chakraborty, “Single particle tuning of localized surface plasmon resonance of gold nanorods immersed in ascorbic acid for multi-channel biosensing platform”, XLV Symposium of the Optical Society of India, Conference on Optics, Photonics & Quantum Optics (COPaQ 2022), 10-13 Nov, 2022, IIT Roorkee

  2.  S S Bhakat, A Panda, P Ghosh, R Chakraborty "Bio Sample Detection Using Photonic Band Gap Sensors", ISOT 2019, 11 - 13 Nov 2019, Goa

  3. S S Bhakat, P Ghosh, C Sengupta, K Bhattacharya “Advanced Self-referencing Mach-Zehnder and Polarization Interferometer Setup for Detection of Surface Profile for Thin-Film Coating”, ICOL 2019, 19-22 Oct 2019, IRDE, Dehradun

  4.  P Ghosh, S S Bhakat, A Panda, R Bandyopadhyay, R Chakraborty “Virtual Photonic Bandgap Structure Array using TiO2 Rib Waveguide for Designing Optical Filters”, ICOL 2019, 19-22 Oct 2019, IRDE, Dehradun

  5.  P Ghosh, S S Bhakat, I Chakraborty, S Sarkar,  K Bhattacharya “Extraction of Phase Profile at Discrete Spatial Frequency Bands Using Phase Shifting Interferometry”, SPIE OPTICS+PHOTONICS 2019, 11-15 Aug 2019 (Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 11137 111372F-1), San Diego, California

  6. S S Bhakat, P Ghosh, S Lodh, R Chakraborty, “Fabrication and Characterization of Sol-Gel derived TiO2 structures for Photonic Application”, OSI-International Symposium for Optics 2018 (OSI-ISO2018), 20-22 Sep 2018, IIT Kanpur

  7.  P Ghosh, S S Bhakat, S Lodh, R Chakraborty, “Development of patterned Sol-Gel derived Tio2 structures for Photonic Applications”, PHOTONICS 2018, 12-15 Dec 2018. IIT Delhi (paper no: FP059 ; Proceedings of Photonics-2018 ISBN 978-93-88653-41-1)

  8.  I Chakroborty, P Ghosh, S S Bhakat, K Bhattacharya, “Testing of Optical elements with Self-referencing Mach-Zenhder Interferometer”, OSI-International Symposium for Optics 2018 (OSI-ISO2018), 20-22 Sep 2018, IIT Kanpur

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