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For prospective PhD students

We are always eager to hear from motivated students who want to do a PhD in photonics. Feel free to email me if you are excited about inter-disciplinary research that involves electronics engineering, physics, optoelectronics,

Projects for MTech students

1. UAV-mountable compact gas detection systems for smart agriculture / 3D emissions monitoring / hazard pre-emption
    Our lab specializes in the development of field-deployable high-sensitivity gas detection systems that are used for air pollution monitoring, industrial emissions monitoring, greenhouse gas monitoring. UAV-mounted compact near-infrared tunable laser-based gas systems have emerged as an extremely useful method of monitoring large areas and tight spaces. Examples include monitoring nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural fields and sensing toxic fumes in coal mines or ship breaking yards. 

2. Development of an FPGA lock-in amplifier and adaptive filtering algorithms on a TI DSP for high-sensitivity detection: 
    This project will be executed in partnership with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Bangalore and will focus on the development of a lock-in amplifier using an FPGA to make high-sensitivity measurements of signals generated by any physical process. The DSP will be used for signal processing in the near-infrared and mid-infrared tunable laser-based gas systems that are developed in our lab. 

4. "Flute without a flute": Development of virtual reality games and digital music synthesis for use with the fiber Bragg grating-based glove:
     This project builds on the PhD work of Chandan in which he interfaced the glove with Unity-based virtual reality platform. We now want to develop more interesting and meaningful games and activities that could be performed with the glove. There is evidence to suggest that learning is better when the person is actively involved in a particular task. We want to use DSP-generated music to be played by the wearer of the glove. The movement of the fingers  

5. Using DSP techniques to enhance the intelligibility of speech recorded using a fiber Bragg-grating-based optical contact microphone:
Research in our group has led to the development of an award-winning fiber-optic contact microphone that can pick up speech from the throat. The quality of the sound should be significantly improved by some simple digital filtering. Also, other parts of the face, such as the region around the nose, can also be used for this purpose. This project will explore these possibilities and devise ssuitable signal processing algorithms to improve the quality of the recorded speech. The project will be executed jointly with Prof Nithin George and Dr Chandan Kumar Jha).

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